Industry solutions

As your partner, we offer world-class cutting tools and extensive technology experience in a variety of applications. Our goal is to contribute and support your success!

Our deep knowledge of metalworking and our understanding of the changing requirements of different industries allows us to develop innovative solutions in partnership with you to meet your current and future needs.


Take your aerospace manufacturing to the next level – with complete machining solutions for specific parts, state-of-the-art cutting tools and technical expertise.


The changing market places new demands on the automotive industry. Our goal is to provide you with metalworking solutions and knowledge to meet your needs for quality, reliability and reduced unit cost per part.

Oil and gas industry

The demand for oil and gas is growing, and so are the requirements for the manufacture of parts for this industry. Take advantage of the latest cutting tools to ensure reliable and efficient production.


The processing of medical implants requires solutions that meet very high technical requirements – materials that are difficult to process and tough specifications.

Die & Mold Manufacturing

Looking for ways to reduce the cost and lead time without compromising the quality of your parts? Try our foundry tooling solutions.


The emergence of more efficient energy production systems means new requirements for the manufacture of parts. As a leader in research and development, we can provide you with the solutions you need.

Wind power

For Improving wind power productivity requires the most advanced metalworking solutions and knowledge of modern technology.

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